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CNI, Inc.

CNI, Inc. is a full service Industrial and Special waste handling company, specializing in site work and proper disposal of various waste streams.  CNI has been a full service environmental company.  CNI’s service area is throughout Florida and South Georgia.  CNI provides over 15 years experience to handle any environmental problem.


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Construction & Site Services

CNI, INC. offers Remediation Contracting services to address impacted soil, surface water and groundwater regardless of the contaminant or by-product. CNI’s Remediation Contracting Services provide trained, experienced project management personnel, along with OSHA certified technicians. Our remediation crews can be mobilized to urban or remote locations as needed to perform remediation of soil, surface water and groundwater

Transportation and Disposal Services

·        55 gallon drums, Bulk Liquids, Bulk Sludges & Bulk Solids

·        Petroleum Contaminated Liquids, Solids and Sludges

·        Contaminated Soils both Hazardous and Non Hazardous

·        CHMM certified Sampling, Waste Characterization and Profiling

·        Waste Oil, Water, Solvents, Oil Filters, Rags and Absorbents

·        Industrial Waste Waters, Certified Used Oil Handler

·        Vacuum Trucks, Tankers, Rolloffs, Box Vans & Dump Trucks